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Genuine OEM Direct Replacement Master Spa Part: Goulds Water Technology Laing Circulation Pump 230/240V for Master spas manufactured after 2009.

Master Spa Parts Model X400825

The Laing Series E14 is a highly effective and virtually silent spa pump that delivers optimum performance. Its motor has a low in-rush current and is 40% more efficient than standard induction motors. The Laing Series E14 was designed with space saving in mind and is easy to install. Its thermoplastic housing and unique patented mechanical seal increase durability and reduce the occurrence of leaks. Additional features like its open impeller and embedded microprocessor control make it resistant to clogs and protect against dry running

The Laing circulation pump X400825 has been redesigned by the manufacturer to increase it’s reliability. All orders for part number X400825 will be filled with the latest version of this redesigned circulation pump. This new pump is directly interchangeable with the previous except for the addition of a bonding lug (Not Shown in Picture) that has been added to the top of the motor body. When replacing one of the original style pumps with the new style it will be necessary to run a copper wire from the pump bonding lug (Shown in Pictures) to the grounding bar located on the spa control pack

  • Contractor Series: (2010)
    CS 743, CS 742, CS 866C, CS 862C, CS 742L
  • Down East Spas: (2009-2012)
    Cape Cod 2, Windsor 2, Exeter 2, Portsmouth 2, East Hampton 2, Exeter 3, Cape Cod 3, Cape Cod SE, Exeter SE, Windsor 3, Windsor SE, Portsmouth 3, Portsmouth SE, East Hampton SE, Windsor 3 STS, Somerset, Windsor SE STS, Windsor STS
  • Healthy Living Hot Tubs: (2013-2015)
    HL 8.5, HL 8, HL 7.5, HL 7, HL 630L, HL 624L, HL 740L
  • Legend Series Master Spas: (2009-2015)
    LSX 800, LSX 850, LSX 700, LSX, LSX 1000, LSX 1050, LSX 800 STS, LSX 850 STS, LSX 1000 STS, LSX 1050 STS, LSX 557, LSX Solar, LSX 900, MP LSX 900, MP LSX 800, MP LSX 700
  • Twilight Series Spas: (2009-2015)
    TS 67.25, TS MP, TS 8.3, TS 8.2, TS 7.2, TS 7.1, TS 6.2, TS 6.1, TS 240, TS Fit, TS 8.35, TS 8.25, TS 7.25, TS 7.15, TS 67.15, TS 87.3

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