Traditional Saunas

Helo Saunas - Atlanta Spa & Leisure

If you like a little humidity in your sauna experience then you will likely choose a traditional sauna. There are 5 types of traditional saunas that we offer.

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1. Hallmark Series

They come in specific sizes and are the most affordable.

2. Panel Built

They include all four walls inside and out just like the Hallmarks but they can be custom built to any size specification.

3. Custom Cut

If you have a walk in closet you want to convert to a sauna then this is your best option. Custom Cut saunas include the inside walls only along with the benches, heater and door. If you can dream it we can build it! Click here to browse more custom cut images.

4. Designer series

These are ultra high end fancy Panel Builts for the most part.  They offer distinctive styling and some very unique designs.

5. Outdoor Sauna Rooms

Yes, we have those as well.

Patio Series

6. Suburban Series

Suburban Series 5 Layout Alternatives
Suburban Sauna - Interior View4 of Sauna

Suburban Sauna - Interior View5 of Sauna

Suburban Sauna - Interior View6 of Sauna

Suburban Sauna - Interior View7 of Sauna

Suburban Sauna - Interior View8 of Sauna