Take Care of Yourself with a Daily Hot Tub Routine

As busy families in Georgia have gotten back into their back-to-school routines and parents have jumped headfirst into their crazy and hectic work/family schedules, it’s easy to see how the daily grind can cause us all to forget how to take time out for ourselves in order to be the best our families require of us. Whether you call it self-care or “me-time,” it’s definitely a necessary ingredient when it comes to beating unhealthy stress and anxiety. Consisting of anything that keeps you physically, mentally, or spiritually healthy, studies have shown that self-care is a highly important factor in great overall health and wellness.


Hot Tubs for Overall Health

One of the first things a hot tub brings to mind is the relaxing and luxurious experience that it offers. But did you know that regular hot tub use also offers a list of healthy benefits, as well? Immersing your body in hot water not only helps to relax your muscles and increase circulation, but the water jets work to knead and massage sore and achy muscles at the same time. The heat and massage combine to reduce chronic aches and pains while improving recovery, flexibility, and mobility. In addition, a regular hot tub soak after a long, hard day helps to ease tension and stress while also preparing you for a great night’s sleep, which is important because sleep is an essential part of any successful health and wellness routine. Even though these are just a few of the many health benefits hot tubs offer, it’s not always easy to incorporate a new routine, even if it means greater health and wellness.


Soaking Vs. Snoozing

Hit the ground running with a quick soak instead of hitting the snooze button for another two or three times. Think about it – an invigorating dip in a hot tub that gets the blood flowing, or another 9 minutes of sleep that isn’t going to satisfy your desire for more sleep? (Besides, if you can incorporate a dip before bedtime at night, you’ll be sleeping better anyway, and probably won’t need the extra snoozes.)


Soak in the Silence

Use the quiet time when you’re alone in the hot tub to draw closer to your spiritual center by meditating. The warmth, combined with the soothing din of the tub and the rolling water make it easy to achieve a calm and relaxed state where you can enjoy some quiet time that nourishes the soul.


Atlanta Spa & Leisure Can Help

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