Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion with Regular Hot Tub Use

Everybody knows that routine physical activity is a key factor in maintaining good health and wellness at any age. Exercise in most any form helps in the prevention of serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer. But did you also know that as we get older, maintaining flexibility and range of motion is just as vital to keeping in shape?


Have you ever noticed that as you get older, some aches and pains tend to linger a little longer than they used to? Is it safe to say that joint stiffness affects you a little more frequently than when you were younger? Some of those issues can be remedied with improved flexibility and range of motion. Developing flexibility and an increased range of motion becomes more of a priority as we get older because it helps to reduce the risk of injury while also helping to maintain good balance and muscle health.


It’s no secret that regular hot tub use offers a long list of health benefits, but what many may not know, however, is that stretching in a hot tub is a great way to increase flexibility in a more efficient manner. By nature, water creates buoyancy, which is the feeling of weightlessness that you feel when you’re immersed in water. That buoyancy helps to alleviate the weight and pressure of the body’s mass, making it easier on muscles and joints, and helping to maintain good balance. Stretching in warm/hot water is also beneficial because the temperature of the water helps to make muscles more pliable and flexible, which results in more effective stretching. There’s no shortage of resources online to help you gather easy and effective stretches that you can do while in a hot tub.


In addition to increased buoyancy, water also provides greater resistance for enhanced physical activity, while also reducing the strain and stress on joints and bones. In other words, movement in water burns more calories than performing those same exercises without the water. Some advanced users can even enhance their hot tub stretching routines by incorporating water resistance weights for added resistance.


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