FAQ – Hot Tubs

What brands do you carry and why?
We offer all American Whirlpool Spa products.  We think this is one of the best manufacturer on the spa market today.  American Whirlpool offers unsurpassed levels of customer service and the best warranties in the industry.  They also have a wide variety of products with American Whirlpool Collection, Elite Spas and California Cooperage lines.

Do you have your own service department?Our service technicians are factory trained for both product lines.  Because the staff is in house, we are able to quickly respond to questions.

Are warranties important?
Read the fine print of company warranties.  Many companies exaggerate their warranties and take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.  A ten year warranty that is “pro-rated” after the first year is really a one year warranty.

Is the spa chlorine free?
While no spa is free of chemicals, the American Whirlpool Spas offer ozone systems used in conjunction with natural purifiers to keep your water sparkling clean and clear.  We recommend a small amount of chlorine after a particularly large bather load or if young children are using the spa.

Is the spa insulated?
Spas are great, big electric bills are not.  American Whirlpool Spas use their patented “Thermo Lock” Insulation and Vita Spas use a full foam insulation system.  Mass merchants and low end spa manufacturers skimp on insulation to reduce the overall cost of the spa.  Do not be fooled by low prices, you will end up paying more in operating costs.

How many jets are needed?
Jets provide massage which is an important part of hydrotherapy.  The number of jets isn’t as important as the placement of jets and the massage from the jets.  Some manufacturers will use a large number of jets to impress consumers but use a small pump, thus the pressure from the jets is low.

What kind of electrical is required?
Most of our spas require 220V with a 50 AMP Breaker and 6 gauge wire.  We do offer some spas that will run your regular 110V outlet.

What is the difference between 110V and 220V?
The biggest difference that you will see is the amount of power in the 110V versus the 220V.  A 220V spa will have larger pumps and more of them which mean more massaging jets in the spa.

What is included in the price?
Our prices include a thermal cover, step, chemical kit and standard delivery within the metro area.

What is FLO code?
Before you call for service, check your filters.  This is the most common error code and it indicates that water is not flowing through the plumbing.  There may be leaves stuck in the filters or on the filtration screen.  Since 1993, we have seen a variety of items stuck in the filters (leaves, toys, swimsuits).  Also after draining a spa and refilling it there may be air pockets within the plumbing.  We recommend putting the hose into the plumbing where the filters are to avoid this.

How do I get rid of foam?
Anti-foam products are a quick fix but we recommend solving the problem instead of masking the problem.  If you are getting foam add a small amount of chlorine to kill the bacteria causing the foam and then add a shock to take the now dead bacteria through the filtration system.