Hot Tub Covers, Keeping More Money in Your Wallet



It may not seem like a huge deal, but the cover you choose for your hot tub is actually a really important decision and should be given some consideration, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your cover.

Basically, there are 2 main functions for a cover; to keep debris out and to keep heat in. Keeping debris out doesn’t take to much thought. Any cover that completely covers the tub with no gaps will meet this requirement.

The second function takes a little more consideration. Keeping heat in is a key factor to enjoying your hot tub. Nobody wants a warm hot tub. More importantly nobody wants excessively high utility bills from a heater that is continuously running.  Choosing a high quality cover is going to ensure that you always have hot water and lower utility bills.

So how can a custom cover from Atlanta Spa and Leisure save you money?


High Quality Materials

Our custom covers are made from high grade materials so your cover will stand the test of time. That means that you won’t be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new hot tub cover because the one you bought only lasted a couple of years. Our covers are made with marine grade vinyl that has mildew inhibitors and UV stabilized color to protect against fading. The reinforced cover handles and child locks are double stitched to protect against tearing. The hinges are double reinforced so they will stand up to daily use. The 2” galvanized steel support beams are the strongest available and are chemical resistant. You can rest assured that you are getting a cover that will last.


Foam Density

When looking for a cover that will save you money, you want to make sure that it is well insulated to prevent heat loss. This will cut down on your utility bill and the cost of maintaining your heater. Our custom hot tub covers use 2lbs density virgin EPS foam core insulation. They are available in a 4”-2” tapered cover with an R-value of 19 and a 5” to 3” tapered cover with the highest top strength insulating value of R-21. That means that you are getting the most effective insulation available in a hot tub cover.


Vapor Barrier

One of the ways that a hot tub cover gets ruined is by getting waterlogged. Our covers use a 4 mil vapor barrier that is heat sealed to the foam core so that the core is fully protected. This is another way that your hot tub cover will outlast the competitors



One of the most important things, is to make sure that your cover gets a tight seal. With a custom cover you can be sure that you are purchasing a cover that fits properly and will form a tight seal to keep in as much heat as possible, keeping your energy bill as low as possible.


Buying a quality spa cover is one of the most important ways that you can protect your hot tub investment. So what are your waiting for? Come by Atlanta Spa and Leisure and get your custom hot tub cover ordered today.

10 Reasons Why a Swim Spa is Better Than a Pool



You enjoy swimming and would like to be able to swim in your own backyard, but you keep going back and forth…should you get a swim spa or just get a pool. We think that a swim spa is the best choice, so we put together a list of the top 10 ways that a swim spa is better than a pool. We are confident that after reading our list you will agree that an swim spa is the answer to your question.

  1. Continuous uninterrupted swimming

A swim spa creates a more enjoyable swimming environment than a pool because you can continuously swim without having to worry about turns or running into walls. This continuous swim lets you really get into the zone with your workout. You can concentrate on form and power without distraction. It is also good for you mentally because you can let your mind go while your body swims.

2. Adjustable swim current

A swim spa has adjustable swim currents to accommodate a variety of swim levels. From those just starting out to the Olympic swimmer, a swim spa can provide a great workout for a variety of levels. That also means that as you improve, your swim spa grows with you giving you are targeted workout every time.

3. It’s like a pool and a hot tub

After your workout a swim spa can give you all of the workout recovery benefits of a hot tub.  With jetted seats to massage your muscles, it is truly like getting a pool and a hot tub all in one. Some swim spas even have dual zone heaters so you can work out at a cooler temperature then head over to the relaxing heat of the hot tub side.

4. Accessories

Swim spas have a variety of accessories to help you mix up your workout routine. From rowing equipment to underwater treadmills your swim spa will turn out to be so much more than just a place to swim.

5. They look great

I know we are partial, but swim spas look great. With options for fountains and lighting features it will really be a focal point for your backyard.

6. More cost efficient to own

Because the are smaller, the cost of owning a swim spa versus a pool is significantly less. You will use less water, less chemicals, and less electricity to heat and maintain your swim spa.

7. Indoor installation option

A swim spa can be installed indoors if you choose so you can workout or simply enjoy a nice swim, no matter what the weather is like outside. Swim spas can be installed in basements, sunrooms and even garages.

8.Takes up less space

Swim spas don’t take up nearly as much room as a traditional pool. They leave you plenty of room in your yard to enjoy, gardening, playing with your kids or to simply enjoy some green space.

9. Portable

Okay, they aren’t exactly portable, but if you ever decide to move you can take your swim spa with you. Try doing that with an in ground pool.

10. Easier to Install

Finally, swim spas are easier and cheaper to install than a swimming pool. There is usually very little prep work that goes into creating a space for your swim spa, so you can start enjoying it way sooner than you would with a lengthy pool project.

We knew that our list would convince you to choose a swim spa, so stop by and see our selection of H2X and Michael Phelps swim spas from Master Spas. You won’t regret investing in a swim spa.

Luxury Custom Cut Saunas


The health benefits of a Sauna are absolutely phenomenal, but few people have the time to drive to a health club everyday to enjoy all of these benefits. Fortunately, at Atlanta Spa and Leisure we can turn nearly any extra space you have into a custom cut sauna. With just an empty closet, we can bring you all of the health benefits that come along with daily sauna use.

How Does It Work

First you will need to pick your space. Literally, any extra space can be converted from useless to a sauna. We have converted closets, sheds, extra deck space, and even created freestanding saunas in empty areas of a basement.

After you have picked your space, we will come out and take some preliminary measurements. We will use those measurements to make a CAD drawing.

Once we have your drawing, you will want to pick your layout, wood type, heater and  control. After these decisions are made, we will start to work on your custom cut sauna. We do everything from the framing and drywall to painting if it is needed. Some of our customers prefer to do the work themselves. In this case we will give you the CAD drawing, wood, heater and controls, but you will do the install yourself. Either way you will be so glad that you transformed your unused space to create a sauna that will benefit your health for a lifetime.

What Options are Available

Our Helo custom cut saunas come in two wood choices either kiln dried cedar or hemlock. There are eight different heater options to choose from. All of them are  electric heaters that provide quality craftsmanship and a combination of modern technology and traditional sauna heating. Each of the models offer a unique design and has an individual way of expressing the sauna experience. As if all of these options weren’t enough, we have a variety of different layouts to choose from depending on the size and layout of your space. You can check out our design gallery here.

With all of these options you are sure to be able to design a sauna that works for your space and your individual taste. Join us in our showroom so we can start planning your custom cut sauna today.

Our Top 5 Big Green Egg Grilling Eggcessories

It’s grilling season!

The Big Green Egg has taken outdoor grilling to a whole new level. Professional barbecuers, chefs and home grilling enthusiasts have fallen in love with it’s versatility and ease of use. On its own The Big Green Egg is a grilling machine that is sure to impress, but add an eggcessory or two and you have just opened up a whole new world . BGE offers a huge line of accessories for their Big Green Eggs that Egg lovers have dubbed eggcessories. From grill tables to cooking utensils they have thought of everything you could possibly want to complete your cooking arsenal. We have put together 5 of our favorite Eggcessories to get your collection started.


The ConvEggtor 

It transforms your Egg from direct heat to indirect heat; which basically means that you can use your BGE like an oven, cooking casseroles and pies. The door of options will be blown wide open. With evenly distributed heat and and the precise temperature control that Big Green Eggs are known for, you will love your Egg far more than your oven.

The Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel

A Big Green Egg pizza stone and pizza peel are must haves. Everyone loves a delicious slice of cheesey pizza. The flavors added by cooking it on your BGE give your favorite pizza that rich flavor you would find in a pizza that has been cooked to perfection in a woodfired pizza oven. It is definitely a must have Eggcessory.

The Egg Mitt

It sounds basic, but the Big Green Egg, Egg Mitt is an ideal addition to your grilling repertoire. This glove is designed with durable heat resistant fibers that let you handle extreme temperatures up to 475 degrees. These are a great option for flipping skewers or handling large cuts of meat. You could grill without one, but why would you want to?

The Flexible Stainless Steel Skewers

Next up is a fairly specialized item, but a favorite no less. BGE flexible stainless steel skewers are a win in our book. They allow you to prep your meat and veggies, marinate them in a bag, then transfer to the grill. They cut down on prep time and mess. As an added feature the pointed end of the skewer never gets hot which makes turning the skewers a breeze.  

The Cast Iron Skillet

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a cast iron skillet. It gives you a huge variety of options. You can fix casseroles and pies in your cast iron skillet one week and then sear fish and steaks to perfection the next. It is something you definitely won’t want to do with out.

Adding one, two or even all of these great eggcessories to your Big Green Egg, will help your Egg reach its full potential. Stop by  Atlanta Spa and Leisure and Check out our extensive line of Big Green Egg eggcessories!

10 ways to love your brain

It is now estimated that 5.7 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and there are approximately 47.5 million people worldwide that suffer from various kinds of dementia. These statistics are startling. Fortunately, the Alzheimer’s Association has put together a list of 10 things that you can do reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Interestingly enough, over half of these things can be accomplished with regular Sauna use. In fact, recent studies have shown that using a sauna 4-7 times per week can lead to a 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s and a 66% reduction in Dementia. Now that is definitely something worth looking in to. Below we have put together some information about sauna use and how it relates to the 10 things that can help improve your brain health.

  1. One of the best things you can do for your overall health, as well as, your mental health is to participate in regular cardiovascular exercise. The elevated heart rate and increased blood flow that come along with cardio exercise are great for your mind and body. You may be wondering just how a sauna relates to cardiovascular exercise. Studies have shown that regular sauna use actually has similar health benefits to cardio workouts. When using a sauna, your core body temperature goes up which causes you to sweat. This leads to an elevated heart rate and increased blood flow, the same things that occur when participating in cardio exercise. This is particularly good news for older people who find it  difficult to work out, but would still like to reap the benefits.
  2. Your sauna may not help to much with this one, but formal education at any age can help decrease your risk of cognitive decline. So, hit the books and keep your mind sharp.
  3. Smoking has long been shown to increase a person’s risk of cognitive decline. When a person quits smoking, they reduce their risk back to a level comparable to a non-smoker. A sauna is certainly not a magic bullet for helping some kick their smoking habit, but saunas can help you sweat out the toxins that have built up in your body due to smoking. Saunas also help to reduce stress, which could make them a healthy alternative to the stress relief that many smokers feel when they light up.
  4. Evidence shows that the same risk factors that can cause heart disease and stroke are also shown to increase your risk for cognitive impairment. Recent studies have found that regular sauna use by middle aged men reduced the incidence of fatal cardiac events, which is good for your heart and brain.
  5. Brain injuries can also lead to cognitive decline. So take care of yourself. Switching out some of your more risky hobbies, for relaxing sauna use could help.
  6. Although eating healthy isn’t directly related to using a sauna, many people do enjoy fruit, water, and other healthy snacks after enjoying their sauna. Eating a balanced diet can also help fight against cognitive decline.
  7. Getting enough sleep is another strong factor in overall health, including good mental health. Insomnia and sleep apnea have both been shown to result in memory problems and thinking impairment. Improved sleep is one of the side effects that nearly all sauna owners report. A more relaxed mind and body almost always results in better sleeping patterns.
  8. A link has been found between a history of depression and cognitive decline. Because depression is a serious medical condition, you should definitely contact your doctor first. However, your sauna can be a great addition to the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Regular sauna use can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety which often lead to depression.
  9. Being social is actually one of the things that can lead to good mental health. Spending time with friends and family and having good conversation are ways that you can accomplish this and what better place to have good conversation with family and friends than in your sauna. You will be improving your health in more ways than one.
  10. Finally, working puzzles or completing brain teasers is another great way to keep your brain sharp. Some people find that puzzles are a great way to pass the time when doing interval sessions in their sauna.

There you have it. 10 ways that you can love your brain and so many can easily be accomplished with regular sauna use. But, you don’t have to go to a gym or club to enjoy the benefits of a sauna. In home saunas are becoming more and more common. the convenience of having a sauna in your own home is something that your body and mind will benefit from for years to come. Stop by and see us at Atlanta Spa and Leisure our knowledgeable staff would love to help you design the perfect sauna for your home!

Dreaming of a Backyard Paradise

Backyards have come a long way since the perfectly manicured astroturf lawn days of the Brady Bunch. Websites like Pinterest and Houzz have totally transformed our yards from simple and well groomed to a stunning multifunctional paradise. For those of us whose yards haven’t quite reached oasis status, we spend countless hours browsing Pinterest, pinning ideas that will transform our yard into the envy of the neighborhood.

There are so many things that go into planning a backyard paradise it can be hard to keep your ideas organized. Try breaking your yard up into categories.


An inviting place to sit and enjoy a drink as you take in the views of your own slice of paradise. An outdoor seating area is one thing you won’t want to neglect. From a patio table and chairs to a full out living space with an upholstered couch and love seat from Weather Master’s new line the possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Kitchen

You want to be sure to include an area for outdoor cooking. After all, you will want to spend as much time as possible in your new little slice of paradise. A Big Green Egg could be the perfect feature for your outdoor kitchen if you are looking for something that is a little more versatile than a traditional grill. Either way an outdoor kitchen will allow you to spend more time with your guests and spend more time enjoying your outdoor space.

Water Feature

A water feature of some kind is like the crowning jewel of your backyard oasis.

Whether you are dreaming of a hot tub with dozens of jets and fountains to dazzle or friends or a swim spa so you can fit your daily workout in. Your backyard just won’t be complete without some type of water feature to enjoy.

Even with organized ideas, they are still just dreams if you don’t put them into action. So, bring all of your ideas and come see us at Atlanta Spa and Leisure. We are in the business of turning dreams into reality and we would love to help you take your backyard from Brady Bunch boring to backyard paradise.  

Tips For Shopping At A Home Show

A home show is a wonderful opportunity to have fun and save big. However, it still takes a savvy shopper to know what’s good and what’s too good to be true at a home show.

Here’s our home show hot tub shopping advice…

Make sure the retailer you’re considering buying from is local! Make sure they have a retail location and employ service and support staff. You want to be certain that your hot tub or swim spa will be installed by certified professionals AND that those professionals will be there for you in the event you need service on your spa in the future.

Your purchase should be contingent upon your satisfaction with your test soak. That’s right, you should test soak in the hot tub you’re considering before signing on the dotted line. If the retailer you are speaking with tries to lock you into a purchase without a test soak, keep on moving and keep on shopping.

Make sure you are buying a discounted, QUALITY spa from a respected manufacturer like Master Spas – Don’t buy a spa that’s cheap because it’s a piece of junk. How do you know if it’s a quality spa or not? Well, don’t take the sales person’s word for it, unless it’s one of our people of course!

What we mean is, research the retailer and the spa manufacturer yourself before you buy. How long have they been in business? What do their customers have to say? What kind of warranty do they offer? What impression do you get from their website? Are their products endorsed by anyone respectable? For example, Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas are endorsed by Michael Phelps. An endorsement from the king of swimming is a powerful one…

Lastly… Use common sense and discretion. Take your time. Take it slow. Don’t get overwhelmed by the exciting environment or by pushy salespeople. Trust your instincts and don’t give any salespeople any more time than they deserve based on the quality of their products and that of their disposition.

5 Reasons You Need To Take A Test Soak

So you’re ready to find the perfect spa. One that will meet all of your needs. There are so many options, so many manufacturers, so much to consider. Do you require a swim spa for exercise and recovery, a large hot tub that can fit the entire family, or a small spa for two? Will you be using your spa daily to soothe arthritis aches and pains, or will your spa use be more for recreation and relaxation?

In any case, it is important that you test soak in several different models so that you can determine your preferences and be resolute in your final spa selection.

Here are 5 good reasons why:

  1. High-quality spas aren’t cheap. Purchasing a spa is a big decision and a decent dent in your pocket book. You’d test drive a car, wouldn’t you? You test televisions at your local electronics store, don’t you? Why wouldn’t you test out the spas you’re considering?
  2. You need to feel the various seating configurations – with water in the hot tub – How else will you know if you like the seating position, if it’s comfortable, if you seem to fit it well without floating too far off of the jets? Speaking of jets – Do you prefer one particular jet pattern in one model over that of the other models? Do you need focused hydrotherapy on any particular problem areas? Have you considered jets that target the feet?
  3. You need a true sense of the size of the spa model you’re considering. Whether you’re buying a large 8 seater or a small 2 seater model, you’ll want to test the spa with as many of your household members as you can bring along. Do you feel comfortable or crowded? Can you switch seats with relative ease and comfort? Is there sufficient leg room for everyone?
  4. Most new, high-end spas have their own built-in, bluetooth compatible stereo systems. You might as well have a sound system – one that’s easy and safe to use with your mobile device. It’s nice to be able to control your music without the risk of dropping your phone into the hot tub! Some hot tub models even pair up with tablets so you can watch your favorite shows and sporting events from your hot tub! It’s important to test these features out with the jets running so you can experience the sound in a true spa environment. What’s listening to the sound system on a dry floor model hot tub going to tell you?
  5. Do you like the spa you’re buying? There’s no more important factor than that. Buy what you like. There’s only one good way to know if you’re going to like a spa and if you’re going to be satisfied with it down the line. Sitting in a dry floor model and reading the spec sheet isn’t going to gonna cut it. When buying hot tubs, Soaking Is Believing.

When you’re ready, give us a call to schedule your test soak appointment. We can accommodate you at both of our stores!

Atlanta and Doraville 770-285-5597

Cumming and Alpharetta 770-629-0723

Covana Covers turn Grotto

Looking for a way to enhance your hot tub experience? Add a Covana gazebo spa cover. Covana gazebo covers are so much more than simple spa covers. They protect your spa and turn it into a grotto!


Covana gazebo covers are fully automated. With the simple turn of a key, the cover lifts up and becomes a gazebo roof. No more struggling with heavy covers or finding a place to put the cover while you use your spa. Covana covers allow you to simply relax and enjoy the spa experience.


Covana covers are engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The innovative gazebo covers keep snow, ice, and general debris out of your spa. Because the cover lifts straight up, there is no need to remove any debris from the cover prior to opening it. It doesn’t get any easier… and your spa experiences should be easy!


Covana covers create a tight seal, keeping heat in and cool air out. This insulating effect reduces the cost of heating your spa, saving you money. The cover securely locks in place to prevent any unwanted, unsupervised entry into your spa.


Because Covana covers double as gazebos, they add privacy and ambiance that other covers simply do not. Some Covana models even have retractable screens that can be pulled down to create the ultimate grotto experience.


With retractable screens and a short, 20 second cover lift time, Covana covers make enjoying your spa easier and more enjoyable – all year long. Even the roughest winter weather won’t keep you from enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy. You’ll be cozy under your Covana cover!

Come on in to Atlanta Spa & Leisure and check out our Covana covers today.

Year Round Game Table Olympics

The Olympics may be over in Korea, but you can get them going again with family and friends! Nothing brings a family together like some good spirited game table tournaments. Nothing brings the fellas together after a long work week like a good ol’ fashioned man cave equipped with a game table or two!

Why go to a billiard hall and why leave the comfort of home? We’ve got the game tables and everything else you’ll need to have your game room in regulation form!

Pool Tables

We offer an array of pool table designs. Whether your home’s aesthetic is contemporary or classic, you’ll find a pool table that compliments your interior decor – and more importantly, a pool table that can handle the rigors of regular play!

Shuffleboard Tables

It’s sort of like curling… but on a sandy wood surface instead of ice and without “sweepers”… You are permitted to yell at the shuffleboard puck, but doing so likely won’t change the trajectory of your shot.

Table Soccer

Some call it foosball. Whatever you call it, you’d be a fool not to add this indispensable game to your game room. A game room without table soccer would be like the Winter Olympics without ice hockey. Don’t commence your game room’s opening ceremonies without foosball!

Table Tennis

Ping Pong. Gump’s favorite game. Get your own table and perfect your backhand. Just don’t let your tournaments devolve into beer pong games – unless everyone is at least 21 years of age and you’ve got plenty of room for your guests to spend the night!

Choose your favorite discipline or get a couple of tables and see if you can medal in multiple events! The Winter and Summer Olympics come and go, but you can achieve glory in your game room 24/7!