Hot Tub Maintenance: Get the Kids Involved

Your whole family enjoys spending time together in your hot tub. For the grown-ups, it’s a great way to relax and unwind, especially after a long day at work or after a challenging workout. The kids likely enjoy floating, dunking and inventing dozens of games, no matter the day or time. One thing is for certain – owning a hot tub provides hours of enjoyment for family members of all ages.

But owning a hot tub also requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it in top operating condition and to keep the water clean and healthy. Involving your children in this maintenance process is a great way to help them learn about the responsibilities that come with such an investment.

Day-to-day hot tub maintenance is fairly straightforward, so it’s fairly easy to find a job for every family member, no matter their age. With your help, your child can easily check the chemical levels in the water and help you figure out what actions you might need to take. In addition to giving your child a great mini-chemistry lesson, it’s a great chance for you to explain how sanitizing and disinfecting the spa water keeps it safe for them to play in, and keeps it from becoming cloudy our irritating their skin.

Using the water vac to remove debris from the bottom of the spa is another great job for your child, as is adding water with the garden hose when it’s needed. Just be sure to follow the proper procedures for your spa model.

With a little effort, your kids can learn some new skills, and in no time the whole family will be back to enjoying the benefits of your hot tub. For the adults: hydrotherapy, stress reduction and relaxation. For the kids: an ocean full of possibilities, and a reward for a job well-done.

A Hot Tub Creates the Ultimate Man Cave

Atlanta is the best spot in all of the United States to have a man cave. Think about it… Atlanta is the hub for professional sports teams like the Falcons, Hawks, and the Braves, but we also have the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Georgia State Panthers in the area. With all of these teams to follow… you and your buddies will get good use out of your man cave. But we have the secret to take it up a notch… add a hot tub to create the ultimate man cave. It’s a great spot to entertain friends, reconnect with your family, or relax after a long day.

Finding the Right Hot Tub for the Ultimate Man Cave

It’s normal in the hot tub industry to over-promise and under-deliver… but that’s not how we do things at Atlanta Spa & Leisure. We’ll help you find the right hot tub designed to give you the ultimate experience with minimal maintenance required. Our Master Spas hot tubs have features like EcoPur Charge filtration, waterfalls, integrated Bluetooth stereo systems and underwater LED lights, so you get maximum enjoyment out of your hot tub experience.

Want to invite your significant other to share a soak with you? It’s a great option to have real quality time without the distractions of phones. A hot tub helps everyone disconnect and unwind at the end of the day. Studies also show that soaking in a hot tub before bedtime can help you sleep better.

Comfortable & Stylish Entertainment

Super Bowl? Of course! March Madness? Yes, please! Install a TV where you can see it from your hot tub, or you can connect your tablet using a waterproof case and mount it to the spa to take in the big game. The ultimate man cave hot tub accessories don’t end there: options like built-in cup holders ensure your spa will be the entertainment hub for all of your friends. A gazebo is a great way to keep your hot tub covered so you can use it during every season.  A hot tub is an investment, and we’ll help you make sure you get the most enjoyment out of it.

Add a Big Green Egg to Your Ultimate Man Cave

You’re not just creating a man cave… it’s the ultimate man cave! Convert your shed into an outdoor bar. Add taps and plumbing… then you can set up your Big Green Egg as the finishing touch.

The Finishing Touches in Your Ultimate Man Cave

When you decide to make the hot tub the centerpiece of your ultimate man cave, you open yourself up to landscaping and decor options that will create an environment everyone will want to be in. Start by placing your hot tub, TV, bar and grill, and then add the finishing touches. Will you install your spa above ground, below ground, or encase it in stonework? You could also frame your hot tub with Vegas-style cabana curtains, build steps up to it or build the hot tub into a whole seating area with comfortable pillows and cushions. If you enjoy gardening, building planter beds around the perimeter of your hot tub can add beauty, as well as create privacy.

With just a few simple ideas, your backyard will transform to the spot where you truly want to spend your free time. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call or stop by the nearest showroom and our team can get to work creating the ultimate man cave for your home.

Juvenile Arthritis: How Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Helps

We’re familiar with arthritis that develops in people as they get older, but there’s another type of arthritis – juvenile arthritis. In fact, juvenile arthritis is pretty common. It impacts 300,000 children in the United States. This auto-immune disease causes pain in the joints, stiffness and soreness, as well as pain trying to function with normal movements. One of the best ways to fight juvenile arthritis is movement. And the best way to help children with juvenile arthritis stay active is by using hot tub hydrotherapy.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy for Juvenile Arthritis

All kinds of exercise and movement are beneficial to children with juvenile arthritis. However, the pain of those exercises increases because it causes increased swelling and more pain. Hot tub hydrotherapy is effective because the child can do simple exercises and rehabilitation movements in water instead of on land. Doing those exercises on land increases a child’s pain, but that pain decreases when the child exercises in the warm water of a hot tub.

Because water is buoyant, it creates the perfect low impact environment for exercise. How? Your body weight is supported when you’re in water. That means you can perform land exercises without the risk of muscle and joint swelling. Pools are a good option for hydrotherapy. However, hot tubs and swim spas provide the added benefits of adjusting the water temperature and adjusting the spa jets. Adjusting the water temperature helps you create the ideal environment for juvenile arthritis exercises. Cooler water increases blood circulation and warmer water helps muscles relax and become more flexible. Using spa jets to create the perfect hydro massage means the child will feel less pain and have more flexibility.

Try a Hot Tub Before you Buy

We understand that a hot tub is a big investment. You want to make sure it’s a good fit for your child. That’s why we invite you to come down to the nearest showroom and try out a hot tub. Bring your child along and work on the exercises together. You’ll see firsthand what a difference it makes. If you’re interested in scheduling a no-pressure test soak, just give us a call and we’re happy to set it up.

Do More of What You Love With a Hot Tub

Who knew that so many of the things you love and enjoy can be easily brought together with one crucial element: a hot tub? Providing quality time — whether alone or with family or friends — a hot tub can make a myriad of your favorite activities even better.

Disconnect to Reconnect

When you’re needing quality time with family or friends, put down the electronic devices and enjoy some quality time together in your Master Spas hot tub. Its relaxing effects open you up to deep conversations, or simply enjoying each other’s company. It’s hard to find reasons to motivate people to put down their phones for a bit, but a hot tub can be one of them!

Down Time

A hot tub is an exceptional way to get some down time to yourself. Read a book. Listen to some music. Enjoy nature. You can do all of these things all while coaxing your body to total relaxation with warm hydrotherapy. Sure, you can do these things anywhere, at any time, but a hot tub takes it to the next level of seclusion and relaxation.

Dial in on Romance

Regardless of what stage your relationship is in — the honeymoon, with young kids, or an empty nest — romance is a critical element for healthy couples. With a Master Spas hot tub in your backyard, you can share a romantic evening together under the stars every night of the week if you choose. Use it as your connection time to discuss the things that matter most to you, or to bask in simply being together in blissful relaxation.

A hot tub is a wonderful investment in you and the things that you love. Take more time for you and those close to you with a Master Spas hot tub.

Vacation or Hot Tub?

When it comes to saving up money for something big, you really can only save for one thing at a time. So you have to figure out which one thing is going to make you the happiest in the long run.

Studies are showing that what tends to make people the happiest are quality relationships, and building quality relationships requires quality time. Additional research published by the National Institute of Health concludes that “the absence of positive social relationships is a significant risk factor for broad-based morbidity and mortality.”

Realistically, an amazing vacation can certainly provide quality time with those closest to you and give you the chance to create some amazing memories. But this is a short term investment in your happiness — it only lasts as long as the trip and the few days of euphoria afterwards. Then it’s back to life and reality with the next “break” often at least a year away.

So, it’s our encouragement that you consider the investment in a Master Spas hot tub an investment in your daily efforts toward happiness. Because, with a hot tub, you can take time to relax and connect with family and friends as often as you like. You don’t have to wait until next year to do it — it can be a daily ritual. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day, you can briefly pull away from the worries of reality and spend time laughing together.

Of course, if you have a vacation home that you visit often, then adding a Master Spas hot tub is like double the happiness effect! What it really comes down to is what you find most important. Are you looking for a short-term respite from life’s woes, or a long-term investment that can bring you daily connection and relaxation? I’m guessing by now you know what our vote is! Besides, you can always take a vacation next year.

Make Your Backyard an Entertainment Hub

If you love having friends and family over, then we know it’s important to you to have a backyard space that is inviting and fun. Atlanta Spa and Leisure wants to help you create a backyard entertainment hub — a place that friends and family are excited to hang out together and that will make your backyard parties top notch.

You have a hot tub, right?

Is it safe to assume that you already have a hot tub in your backyard, which is part of the appeal for your friends and family? If not, this is the quintessential element for a top notch backyard party any time of the year. It’s a great way to connect, relax and simply enjoy each other’s company. Or, depending on your crowd, you can add in some fun hot tub games (Google it!) to make things more lively.


What’s a gathering without good food?

What are you grilling on for your backyard gatherings? If it’s just a simple gas grill from a big box store, then you don’t know what you and your guests are missing! A top notch backyard party has food cooked on a top-of-its-class grill like the Big Green Egg. This smoker and all its awesome “eggessories” allow you to cook food in a myriad of ways, from smoking to grilling and even baking.

Where are your guests sitting?

If you want a top notch gathering, then plastic lawn furniture just won’t do! Extend the comfort and coziness of your indoor living space to your backyard with lawn furniture that embodies the typical lounge appeal of a couch, loveseat and chair. Plus, the WeatherMaster upholstery available for the Lane Venture brand we carry means that your outdoor furniture will last for years to come.

Your outdoor space can be everything you ever dreamed of with just a few additions. We’re happy to help you make your entertainment hub a place that everyone loves to be.

Big Green Egg: Labor Day Grill Recipes

Labor Day: the unofficial end of summer. There’s no better way to say “so long” to the dog days of summer than with a cookout. And when you own a Big Green Egg, your Labor Day grill recipes come together with ease… and so does the clean-up!

Beef Brisket

Brisket can be tough to cook… but this recipe gives an awesome shortcut to help you create a juicy, tender meat that will feed a crowd. Plus, the coffee provides a flavor that your guests will love!

Double Smoked Potatoes

Image result for double smoked potatoes big green egg

What goes better with meat than… potatoes?! These Double Smoked Potatoes are featured on the Big Green Egg website for a reason: they’re delicious! Your guests will love these for Labor Day!

Peach Cobbler

There’s no better dessert in Georgia than peach cobbler… and you can make it right on your Big Green Egg!

Labor Day grill recipes are just the beginning when you own a Big Green Egg. You can use your grill year round to make meals for a crowd, or for just yourself. There are numerous Eggcessories you can add to your grill to tailor it to your specific cooking needs. If you don’t already own a Big Green Egg, give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms to see for yourself the highest quality ceramic grill on the market today. It’s a purchase you’ll never regret!


Planning a Memorable Labor Day Party

Whether you want to admit it or not, summer is winding down. Which means you’ve got to start planning your Labor Day party now … so close out the hottest season with a bang!

Send Save the Dates for Your Labor Day Party

The Labor Day holiday fills up quickly. You want to get to your friends and family before someone else does, so start a Facebook event or send a “save the date” text and tell them to mark their calendars. Because your shin-dig is going to be pretty epic (right?).

#nailedit Pinterest Style – Labor Day Party Themes

If you really want to impress your guests, plan a beyond-barbecue theme for your Labor Day Party, such as:

  • Industrial — In honor of all the hard workers that brought forth the industrial revolution and those that continue to work in blue-collar jobs, go urban. Use tin cans for center pieces and cinder blocks for drink tables by lawn furniture. Keep drinks in an old metal sink, stack glasses and dishes on a ladder turned table, and string some Edison light bulbs for a “factory” motif.
  • Luau — Let’s face it, we’d all rather be on the beach in Hawaii than grilling in the backyard for one measly extra day off work. But, since that’s not in the cards, plan a luau! Get fun Hawaiian decorations, roast a pig in your Big Green Egg, and paint some pineapples as center pieces.

Engage Guests With Labor Day Party Games

Break out the horse shoes, ladder ball or corn hole games. If you’re looking for some non-traditional but nostalgic games to bring out the kid in your guests on their day off from work, build a giant Jenga set, buy a giant Connect-4 game, or take a cue from any of these great backyard game ideas. Of course, you can do some thematic games, such as limbo for the luau.

Your Maax Spas hot tub can provide some entertainment through games too — or didn’t you know that? How about:

  • Hot Tub Hockey — Divide the hot tub into two teams who must use only the water (waves, etc) to try and get a rubber duckie to touch the other team’s wall.
  • Ping Pong Panic — Someone outside the tub adds five ping pong balls to the middle of the tub. No one in the tub can touch a ping pong ball with any part of their body and their feet must stay in the water at all times. If a ball touches you, you’re out of the tub! One ball is added every 10-15 seconds until one player remains.

Of course, don’t forget to plan your Labor Day party menu, which should include grilling! Keep it simple and provide the meat and have everyone else bring a side dish or dessert. Then you can put all your effort into all the other great aspects of your summer send-off bash!

The Perfect Date Night in Atlanta

You’ve got a sitter (bless!) and a budget, but it’s been so long since you’ve been out on the town, the two of you are having a hard time deciding what to do on your date night in Atlanta. We’re so glad your Internet search brought you here, because we have some awesome suggestions for activities (we’ll leave dinner up to you)!

Date Night on a Tight Budget

We get it; sometimes you just need to take a break from home life together, even if you don’t have the funds to do anything fancy. That’s okay, because fancy isn’t as important as fun! What do you think of these ideas?

Date Night with a Little Splurge

If you’ve been saving up or have some room in the budget, then these date night activities are well-worth your hard-earned dollars!

Whatever date night option you choose — even if you mark your calendars months in advance to get them all in — you can come home to a relaxing evening together to unwind in your hot tub, look at the stars, and embed the memories from your evening into your mind. Make time for each other in your busy lives; it’s important.

Atlanta activities for Your Grandkids

Your grandkids are coming to visit for a whole week this summer and you’re very excited! And also intimidated by the task of keeping them entertained (especially without relying on electronics).

We’d like to help make this easier, so we’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly activities in the Atlanta area, sorted by cost so you can keep your budget for the week in mind.

Free/Inexpensive Activities for Kids in Atlanta

  • Every Sunday beginning at 1 pm, the Create ATL at the Woodruff Arts Center hosts a variety of free kid’s activities, including art projects, family festivals, musical story time, instrument making, acting classes, composer-in-training classes and more.
  • If your grandkids are into firetrucks, take them to the Marietta Fire Museum.
  • Hike and explore at Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.
  • Tour the Mayfield Dairy in Braselton for free, though you may want to plan for buying ice cream at the end.
  • Most of Atlanta’s festivals are free to attend! Check out this list of Atlanta festivals by season to find one to attend when the grandkids are visiting!
  • Plan a full day for the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robbins for your aspiring grand-pilot.
  • Sign your grandkids up for the Atlanta Braves Kids Club Premium Package ($25 each) before their visit and get BOGOF game tickets and much more! The free Kids club gives kids the chance to earn prizes and exclusive ticket offer emails.
  • Head to Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens. It’s free and worth the drive especially if the kids are into bears, eagles, and other wilderness animals. Live animal encounters occur from 1-4 pm every Saturday.
  • How about the best free museum in America? According to USA Today, that’s the National Infantry Museum.

Activities that are Worth the Splurge

  • Andretti Karting & Games provides a full day’s worth of activities, including high-speed go-carts, arcade, rope course, zip line, rock climbing wall and much more!
  • Interested in a leisurely float trip down the Chattahoochee? Pack a cooler with lunch and head to Shoot the Hooch in Roswell to rent canoes, kayaks, rafts or tubes for floats ranging from 1.5-6.5 miles and six launch sites.
  • For kids age eight and younger, check out the Children’s Museum of Atlanta then head over to the Centennial Olympic Park Fountain of Rings for a water show and some splashing.
  • IMAX theater and dinosaurs – what more could your grandkids need? They’ll find that and more at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History!
  • Explore the Legoland Discovery Center for all things Lego. The little builders will love it!
  • See a world-class theater production or attend a hosted event at the Alliance Theater.
  • The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the nation and isn’t short of interactive experiences, from snorkeling with whale sharks to encounters with belugas, penguins, and otters!

This is just a short list of some of our favorites. There is still so much to see and do that you can certainly keep the grandkids happily entertained. And you’ll be able to keep up since you’ll spend the evening relaxing and rejuvenating your body in your hot tub after the kids crash. Don’t have one yet? We can help you with that.