Hot Tub Placement Tips

Finding just the right place to put your hot tub can seem like a simple task, but there might be a little more to consider than you originally thought. Here are some hot tub placement tips to think about when determining the perfect location for your hot tub.

The Elements

Obviously, you need an area that is flat or can be made flat. You will also want to look for an area that has a good wind break. The less wind you have blowing around your tub, cooling it off, the lower your heating costs will be. A wind break is also going to add to the privacy that most people are looking for in a hot tub location. If your yard doesn’t have a good wind break, don’t worry you can add one after you install your hot tub, just be sure to leave room for it in your plans. The sun is another consideration. When will you be using your hot tub most often and what position is the sun typically in during that time of day? Do you want your spa to be in direct sun or shade?


What are you planning to do with your hot tub? If you plan to do much entertaining, you will want to think about party flow. You might want your hot tub in the same vicinity as your outdoor kitchen or Big Green Egg so that guests in the hot tub can easily interact with the grill master or other guests who are eating. If you are mostly planning to use your hot tub for quiet relaxation, a more private setting away from your deck might be a better location.

Noise Level

You may not have given it too much thought, but you will also want to take into consideration what you can hear from your hot tub location. It doesn’t matter if you are planning for quiet relaxation or entertaining guests, the last thing you want to be listening to is a noisy air conditioner or the loud neighbors next door. You will want to position your hot tub away from any of these annoying noises as much as possible.

Putting a little thought and consideration into the location of your hot tub will ensure that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your investment.

Pump up the holiday play-by-play with a new game table

“We’re here at the Johnson family holiday celebration, and boy, is it shaping up to be a great one, right Jim?”

“That’s right, Tom. We’ve got a great view of the Johnson’s living room tonight, and the whole clan is here for a gathering that’s sure to be one for the record books!”

“I know they’ve been training for weeks – hours and hours spent scouring the shops for just the right gifts.”

“Right again, Tom. And as soon as Mom and Dad finish up the kitchen, I think we’ll be able to get the evening’s main event started – the annual giving of the gifts!”

“And it’s a good thing, too. I can tell the kids are getting anxious. Look at Susan there – already making her move toward that pile of presents!”

“Oooo – just in time, here come Mom and Dad!”

“Let’s go Johnsons!”

“Look, Tom – Dad’s going for the big family gift now. The kids can hardly wait!”

“Yeah, just look at that smile on Mom’s face. Even Grandma and Grandpa are pumped.”

“Oh I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it!

“It’s a ping pong table for their game room!”

“Look at the kids – they can’t believe it either. They’re completely pumped. And it’s not one of those throwaway, discount ping pong tables. That’s a quality table that will last this family for years.

“You’re completely right, Jim. But wait – Dad looks like he has ANOTHER surprise up his sleeve!”

“I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!”

“A foosball table! Johnsons – this is insane!”

It sounds like the Johnson family game room is going to be packed with fun things to do following the holidays this year. Your game room could be, too. A game table makes an excellent holiday gift. In addition to ping pong and foosball, we have quality crafted pool tables and shuffleboard tables, plus pool table lights and the furniture you need to round out your game room experience.

Don’t wait! Start your holiday shopping now!

Hot tub shopping? Here’s what you need to know.

So you want to buy a hot tub. That’s a fantastic decision. After all – there are so many benefits to hot tub ownership, from relaxation and health, to quality time with your family. But before you jump in, there are some things you need to consider.


How many people do you want your hot tub to hold? If you can honestly say that you are the only person in your home who will ever need to use your hot tub, then a smaller model like the Maax 101 may be perfect for you. But if your family will use the hot tub together or you plan to invite friends over, you’ll want a bigger model like the Maax 811 or the Master Spas Michael Phelps Legend Series 900.


Now that you know the size of hot tub you’d like, you need to make sure you have a good location for it. Obviously, the spot you choose must be large enough to accommodate the spa. You also need access to electrical, and, ideally, some measure of privacy. Your hot tub will need to sit on a solid foundation – a reinforced concrete pad at least 4” thick, or a deck that can support 100 pounds per square foot. You’ll also need to make sure you’re adhering to all local codes during installation.


Are you hot tub shopping specifically for therapeutic purposes? The healing powers of soothing hot water are well documented, and often recommended by physicians and therapists. Hot tubs can help you recover from an injury or illness, help you sleep at night, and more. As you’re shopping for a hot tub, share your therapeutic needs with us, and we can help you select the model with seating and jet configurations that will work best for you.


Let’s be honest. At some point, it all comes down to the budget, doesn’t it? And that’s OK. We want to work with you to help you find the spa you need that fits within your price range. Ask us about financing options, and certified pre-owned hot tubs. As you’re considering costs, you need to think about ongoing maintenance costs, too – things like the chemicals it takes to keep your hot tub safe and clean, and the energy it takes to keep it running.

Keep these four points in mind while you’re shopping for your new hot tub, and you’re sure to choose the model that’s perfect for your needs.

Upgrade Your Spa With a Cover Lifter

You have your suit on, you’ve grabbed your towel and you have your favorite tunes queued up and you’re ready for a nice, relaxing soak in your hot tub. But first, you have to deal with that cover. You know it’s needed – it keeps the heat in and dirt and debris out. But boy is it heavy and awkward to move. When someone else is home you can ask for help and that makes it easier, but today you’re home alone.

There’s only one thing you can do.


You manage to fold back half of the cover.


You reach around and drag the cover off the rest of the way, letting it lay on the patio. It’s not good for the cover, but what can you do? You’re not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, after all – that thing weighs a ton and it’s so hard to move.

But there IS a solution – a cover lifter!

These handy little gadgets attach to your hot tub (they can also attach to a deck, depending on the model and your hot tub installation) and make it incredibly easy to remove your cover, all by yourself. No super-strength required.

There are a few different types of cover lifters: Manual pivot, shelf-style and hydraulic-assisted. There are also a few main ways cover lifters are designed to install: Under, side, top and bottom mount.

To choose a cover lifter, you need to know how much space you have behind your spa, and on the side where the lifter will install. Once you’ve determined that, browse the selection in our online store or one of our showrooms for the cover lifter that will work best for you.

Then, the next time you want to enjoy a soothing hydromassage and you’re home alone – no worries! You can lift that cover right off. And if you want to pretend like you’re as strong as The Rock while you do it, we won’t tell.

Hot Tub Exercises Anyone Can Do

Like to be fit, but could do without the smelly locker rooms and awkward situations? Want to avoid the drive to the gym? Ready to ditch the leotard and leg warmers? (Seriously. No one wears those anymore.) Maybe it’s time to try something new. Something like … hot tub exercises! 

Yes, really. You’d be surprised just how effective a workout you can achieve in your hot tub. Both cardio and strength training exercises can be safely and effectively performed in the water. (And there aren’t any guys who grunt hanging out by the free weights, so, bonus!)

So slip on your suit, grab your favorite tunes, and get your workout on in your hot tub!

This video shows some great examples of cardio and strength exercises that can be easily adapted to your hot tub, featuring water dumbbells.

You can also ditch the dumbbells, and use the hot tub itself to get a great lower body workout. For example, take a seat and extend your legs in front of you, bracing your hands on the seat next to you. Quickly kick your feet in a scissor motion, up and down. The resistance will provide great exercise, and you can add water-safe ankle weights for even more resistance.

If you want to take your water workouts to the next level, consider a swim spa.

Swim spas offer all the benefits of hot tub exercises – water resistance, comfortably warm water, etc – plus added space, equipment, features and a swim current.

The H2X and Michael Phelps lines offer plenty of space and strong, variable current for swimming, plus seats with varied jets for a thorough after-workout hydromassage.

Depending on the swim spa model, you may also have the option of adding an underwater treadmill, a rowing attachment and more, for even greater exercise variety. Plus the wide, flat bottom means you can accomplish your regular exercises safely and efficiently.

Ditch the gym and the membership fees, and try hot tub exercises today. And if you really want to wear a leotard, that’s probably OK. But I’d leave off the leg warmers. Those things probably absorb a TON of water!

Hot tub shopping? Buy from a local dealer, and follow these tips.

There were two signs posted.

“Enter at your own risk,” and “Hot tub show, this way.”

Hmm. What to do?

“Risk.” That’s … concerning. But you’re also looking for a great deal on a hot tub, and you’ve heard all the commercials advertising great deals at the show. Surely, it can’t be that bad, you think to yourself.

You start to hum your favorite song, and proceed along the path into the woods. The path meanders for a while. At first, it’s a pleasant walk. The forest is lovely, the flowers are pretty. It’s an enjoyable day. There may even be snacks and drinks. 😉

Along the way, you meet some very friendly salespeople. You see an amazing number of hot tubs – so many, it’s almost hard to keep them all straight. But the path begins to twist and turn as you travel deeper into the woods and the daylight fades away. The prices seem good, but here in the dark, things aren’t quite clear. After all, the show is only in town for a few days. What if there’s a problem later on? Who will you call? It’s all so overwhelming, and you have to make your decision so quickly. It’s a lot of pressure.

Suddenly, you see a light in the distance. You hurry down the path. It leads you out of the woods … and straight to your trusted local spa dealer. One who will be there not only during the sale, but long after, to help with anything you need.

When you’re ready to purchase a hot tub, avoid the traveling shows, and turn to local dealers instead. To make sure you’re getting the best deal, try these tips:

Ask for references

A good dealer will have happy customers, and will gladly share that information with you. Ask your friends and family, too.

Find out what’s included in the price of the spa

Does the dealer include the insulated cover? Steps? What about a cover lifter, and the products you’ll need to care for the water? Ask about delivery, too. A reputable company will deliver and install your spa – not leave it in your driveway.

Research it online – but don’t buy it online

By all means, research the spas you’re interested in online. Find out about energy efficiency, jet configurations and more. But buying online isn’t different from buying at a traveling show – you won’t have the after-sale support you’ll need.

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we’ve been providing quality spas to our customers since 1993. We want to make your spa shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, and we work hard to offer the best products at the best possible prices. When you’re ready to make your purchase you can trust that we’ll be there, during and AFTER the sale.

Enjoy a backyard movie night

There are a lot of things that make living in the south pretty amazing – but one of the best is our fall and winter weather. While much of the country suffers through frosty mornings, chilly evenings and even early season snows, we get the benefits of practically balmy evenings under the stars.

And that means, you get to enjoy the backyard paradise you’ve created just a little longer than everyone else.

While hosting weenie roasts and making s’mores in your backyard firepit are fun, and star-gazing from your patio or deck is always relaxing – there’s a new trend in backyard entertainment that’s just perfect for Southern fall nights: a backyard movie theater you can enjoy from the comfort of your hot tub!

It might sound daunting, but it’s actually easier than you might think to get started. You can create a backyard theater to fit your space, and your budget. Here’s how:

The Screen

You can’t have a movie theater without a screen. Some people temporarily fasten a plain white bedsheet to the back of their house, or stretch it tautly between upright posts specially constructed for the purpose. You can also purchase outdoor-safe screens in a variety of sizes, and even inflatable screens – these are perfect when you want a good, reflect screen surface but don’t have the space for a more permanent construction.

The Projector, Sound and Playback System

You can spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a projector. But you can get excellent results for your hot tub backyard movie theater with a projector on the lower end of the range. For sound, you have a range of options, too. Smaller, inexpensive speakers can still provide great sound quality – or you can “go big” with a full surround sound system. The choice is yours.

You’re also going to need a system to get that movie to the projector – gaming consoles are portable and work really well for this, as do streaming movie players. Just be certain whatever components you choose, they’re all fully compatible.

Now you’re ready to settle into your hot tub – maybe one like the Clarity Spas Balance 7 – and enjoy the warm water and hydromassage while you watch a new movie or a family favorite. Just make sure you don’t drop the popcorn!

ZAP! hot tub maintenance with the EcoPur Charge

It’s been a long day, and you’ve never been more ready for a long, relaxing dip in your Master Spas hot tub. You slip into your suit, slide back the spa cover and then … OH, NO!

Dirty, murky water. What’s a spa owner to do?

ZAP! that bacteria.

SWAT! that algae and fungus.

It’s Master Spas’ exclusive EcoPur Charge to the rescue!

This revolutionary water purification technology is like a superhero for your spa, delivering crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and less maintenance. Say KAPOW! to the high levels of harsh chemicals and salt that may irritate your skin, damage your swimwear and possibly corrode your spa’s plumbing over time. The EcoPur Charge technology greatly reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep your water safe and clean, just like a city with a superhero on patrol.

Algae, bacteria and fungus aren’t the only villains lurking in your spa’s water. The contaminants you leave behind, like makeup, sunscreen and hair are also lying in wait. But never fear! They’re no match for the EcoPur Charge. Thanks to the tightly wrapped filtration fabric and spring core, POW! contaminants are trapped as the water flows through.

So how does it work? Most superheroes don’t reveal the secrets behind their super powers. But peek inside the EcoPur Charge secret lair and you’ll see that water flowing through the filter causes a chemical reaction releasing zinc and copper into your spa’s water and BOOM! the zinc and copper create an environment where algae, fungus and bacteria can’t thrive, safely and naturally eliminating that spa-lover kryptonite.

Ready to be your own spa superhero, plus save money on spa chemicals and maintenance, too? Purchase a Master Spas model with the EcoPur system, or learn how to upgrade your older Master Spas filtration system to the EcoPur today. Give us a call or stop by the showroom to learn more.

Hot Tub Maintenance: Get the Kids Involved

Your whole family enjoys spending time together in your hot tub. For the grown-ups, it’s a great way to relax and unwind, especially after a long day at work or after a challenging workout. The kids likely enjoy floating, dunking and inventing dozens of games, no matter the day or time. One thing is for certain – owning a hot tub provides hours of enjoyment for family members of all ages.

But owning a hot tub also requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it in top operating condition and to keep the water clean and healthy. Involving your children in this maintenance process is a great way to help them learn about the responsibilities that come with such an investment.

Day-to-day hot tub maintenance is fairly straightforward, so it’s fairly easy to find a job for every family member, no matter their age. With your help, your child can easily check the chemical levels in the water and help you figure out what actions you might need to take. In addition to giving your child a great mini-chemistry lesson, it’s a great chance for you to explain how sanitizing and disinfecting the spa water keeps it safe for them to play in, and keeps it from becoming cloudy our irritating their skin.

Using the water vac to remove debris from the bottom of the spa is another great job for your child, as is adding water with the garden hose when it’s needed. Just be sure to follow the proper procedures for your spa model.

With a little effort, your kids can learn some new skills, and in no time the whole family will be back to enjoying the benefits of your hot tub. For the adults: hydrotherapy, stress reduction and relaxation. For the kids: an ocean full of possibilities, and a reward for a job well-done.

A Hot Tub Creates the Ultimate Man Cave

Atlanta is the best spot in all of the United States to have a man cave. Think about it… Atlanta is the hub for professional sports teams like the Falcons, Hawks, and the Braves, but we also have the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Georgia State Panthers in the area. With all of these teams to follow… you and your buddies will get good use out of your man cave. But we have the secret to take it up a notch… add a hot tub to create the ultimate man cave. It’s a great spot to entertain friends, reconnect with your family, or relax after a long day.

Finding the Right Hot Tub for the Ultimate Man Cave

It’s normal in the hot tub industry to over-promise and under-deliver… but that’s not how we do things at Atlanta Spa & Leisure. We’ll help you find the right hot tub designed to give you the ultimate experience with minimal maintenance required. Our Master Spas hot tubs have features like EcoPur Charge filtration, waterfalls, integrated Bluetooth stereo systems and underwater LED lights, so you get maximum enjoyment out of your hot tub experience.

Want to invite your significant other to share a soak with you? It’s a great option to have real quality time without the distractions of phones. A hot tub helps everyone disconnect and unwind at the end of the day. Studies also show that soaking in a hot tub before bedtime can help you sleep better.

Comfortable & Stylish Entertainment

Super Bowl? Of course! March Madness? Yes, please! Install a TV where you can see it from your hot tub, or you can connect your tablet using a waterproof case and mount it to the spa to take in the big game. The ultimate man cave hot tub accessories don’t end there: options like built-in cup holders ensure your spa will be the entertainment hub for all of your friends. A gazebo is a great way to keep your hot tub covered so you can use it during every season.  A hot tub is an investment, and we’ll help you make sure you get the most enjoyment out of it.

Add a Big Green Egg to Your Ultimate Man Cave

You’re not just creating a man cave… it’s the ultimate man cave! Convert your shed into an outdoor bar. Add taps and plumbing… then you can set up your Big Green Egg as the finishing touch.

The Finishing Touches in Your Ultimate Man Cave

When you decide to make the hot tub the centerpiece of your ultimate man cave, you open yourself up to landscaping and decor options that will create an environment everyone will want to be in. Start by placing your hot tub, TV, bar and grill, and then add the finishing touches. Will you install your spa above ground, below ground, or encase it in stonework? You could also frame your hot tub with Vegas-style cabana curtains, build steps up to it or build the hot tub into a whole seating area with comfortable pillows and cushions. If you enjoy gardening, building planter beds around the perimeter of your hot tub can add beauty, as well as create privacy.

With just a few simple ideas, your backyard will transform to the spot where you truly want to spend your free time. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call or stop by the nearest showroom and our team can get to work creating the ultimate man cave for your home.