The Perfect Date Night in Atlanta

You’ve got a sitter (bless!) and a budget, but it’s been so long since you’ve been out on the town, the two of you are having a hard time deciding what to do on your date night in Atlanta. We’re so glad your Internet search brought you here, because we have some awesome suggestions for activities (we’ll leave dinner up to you)!

Date Night on a Tight Budget

We get it; sometimes you just need to take a break from home life together, even if you don’t have the funds to do anything fancy. That’s okay, because fancy isn’t as important as fun! What do you think of these ideas?

Date Night with a Little Splurge

If you’ve been saving up or have some room in the budget, then these date night activities are well-worth your hard-earned dollars!

Whatever date night option you choose — even if you mark your calendars months in advance to get them all in — you can come home to a relaxing evening together to unwind in your hot tub, look at the stars, and embed the memories from your evening into your mind. Make time for each other in your busy lives; it’s important.

Activities for Your Grandkids in Atlanta

Your grandkids are coming to visit for a whole week this summer and you’re very excited! And also intimidated by the task of keeping them entertained (especially without relying on electronics).

We’d like to help make this easier, so we’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly activities in the Atlanta area, sorted by cost so you can keep your budget for the week in mind.

Free/Inexpensive Activities for Kids in Atlanta

  • Every Sunday beginning at 1 pm, the Create ATL at the Woodruff Arts Center hosts a variety of free kid’s activities, including art projects, family festivals, musical story time, instrument making, acting classes, composer-in-training classes and more.
  • If your grandkids are into firetrucks, take them to the Marietta Fire Museum.
  • Hike and explore at Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.
  • Tour the Mayfield Dairy in Braselton for free, though you may want to plan for buying ice cream at the end.
  • Most of Atlanta’s festivals are free to attend! Check out this list of Atlanta festivals by season to find one to attend when the grandkids are visiting!
  • Plan a full day for the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robbins for your aspiring grand-pilot.
  • Sign your grandkids up for the Atlanta Braves Kids Club Premium Package ($25 each) before their visit and get BOGOF game tickets and much more! The free Kids club gives kids the chance to earn prizes and exclusive ticket offer emails.
  • Head to Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens. It’s free and worth the drive especially if the kids are into bears, eagles, and other wilderness animals. Live animal encounters occur from 1-4 pm every Saturday.
  • How about the best free museum in America? According to USA Today, that’s the National Infantry Museum.

Activities that are Worth the Splurge

  • Andretti Karting & Games provides a full day’s worth of activities, including high-speed go-carts, arcade, rope course, zip line, rock climbing wall and much more!
  • Interested in a leisurely float trip down the Chattahoochee? Pack a cooler with lunch and head to Shoot the Hooch in Roswell to rent canoes, kayaks, rafts or tubes for floats ranging from 1.5-6.5 miles and six launch sites.
  • For kids age eight and younger, check out the Children’s Museum of Atlanta then head over to the Centennial Olympic Park Fountain of Rings for a water show and some splashing.
  • IMAX theater and dinosaurs – what more could your grandkids need? They’ll find that and more at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History!
  • Explore the Legoland Discovery Center for all things Lego. The little builders will love it!
  • See a world-class theater production or attend a hosted event at the Alliance Theater.
  • The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the nation and isn’t short of interactive experiences, from snorkeling with whale sharks to encounters with belugas, penguins, and otters!

This is just a short list of some of our favorites. There is still so much to see and do that you can certainly keep the grandkids happily entertained. And you’ll be able to keep up since you’ll spend the evening relaxing and rejuvenating your body in your hot tub after the kids crash. Don’t have one yet? We can help you with that.

Hot Tub Snacks the Grandkids Will Enjoy

When your grandkids are over, one of their favorite things to do is take a soak together in your hot tub! At some point, one of them probably proclaims they are hungry. Whether you serve them before, during or after a nice relaxing soak, here are some fun and tasty snacks that your grandkids will enjoy.

Keep it Simple

If you’re on a time crunch, you don’t need a fancy recipe to break out the healthy and tasty snacks. Put together a fruit tray with an easy Cream Cheese and Marshmallow Fruit Dip, or a Pudding and Yogurt Dip (depending on the kids’ preferences). Crackers and cheese are always a great hit too, especially if you throw in some pepperoni slices. If the kids like to dip raw veggies, then stir a packet of ranch seasoning into a tub of sour cream and serve with carrots, broccoli, snap peas, cucumber and more. Or, pick the kids favorite goodies and toss them all together for a healthy and easy trail mix snack.

Change it Up a Bit

If you’re looking for snacks that they’ll really enjoy but are a little different than the easy options above, then check out these recipes:

  • Meatballs — prepare them, stick them on a toothpick, dip them in sauce and serve.
  • Chicken Wings — While they can be any flavor you want, this is probably a snack better suited for before or after a dip in the spa, so the littles can wash their messy hands in the sink rather than the spa water.
  • Homemade Fruit Roll-ups — A favorite treat for kids, and making them homemade means they aren’t loaded with sugar or other additives you may be avoiding.
  • Energy Bars — A healthy option that your grandkids will think are better than store bought granola bars!

Kids seem to constantly be hungry. Grab a spa caddy, prep some awesome snacks, and prepare for a great, relaxing afternoon with your grandkids in your hot tub!


Indoor Summer Fun at Home

Summer in Georgia is nothing to guffaw at. And while we’re all for a good swim, there are also those days when you just want to stay in to be cool, away from the beating sun and heat. So how about a game room as an indoor summer fun alternative at home?

Get Your Kids Off Electronics

Staying indoors often means vegging out in front of the TV or playing video games all day for your kids, so we get that you want to send them outside. But your teenagers aren’t always going to be cooperative, and there will be days that you can’t be out in the yard with your little kids to keep an eye on them.

It’s in both your best interest and theirs to have a fun alternative inside too — whether that’s doing a full-scale game room, or just adding a game table to your entertaining space (such as in the basement).

Great for Entertaining

If you enjoy being the host/hostess with the mostest, then you’ll want to have a few options for entertaining your guest, especially if your home is a hub for larger social gatherings of friends or family. Fourth of July is fast approaching, and not everyone will want to be outdoors the entire time. A game table gives them options and creates great bonding opportunities for family or new connections with friends.

Game Table Options

There are several options to choose from when you’re looking at what game tables will best suit your needs:

Pool Table — The obvious choice for teenagers and adults alike. Choose from traditional or more elegant table designs to suit your decor.

Ping Pong Table — This is a game table the whole family can enjoy. Not to mention it makes for some interesting party games for the adult crowd.

Foosball Table — Another family or party classic, foosball can be very competitive and fun!

Shuffleboard Table — Bring some old tradition to your game room for new flair.

Give your friends and family choices when it comes to summer activities at your home. When they want to take a break from the pool and keep cool inside, give them the option of a game table!


Your Outdoor Furniture Needs an Upgrade

Awesome swimming pool? Check! Beautiful deck or patio surrounding it? Check! Comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture?

Do the plastic chairs from the local big-box-store count?

The answer is: No. No they do not.

You’ve invested so much into your beautiful backyard oasis (time, effort, money). Why stop short at getting outdoor furniture that brings everything together? There are a variety of reasons that investing in quality outdoor furniture is worth it.

Visual Appeal

With a variety of styles and fabrics available, you can find outdoor furniture that fits your decorating motif and still functions wonderfully at making your family and guests comfortable outside. Everything from modern metal to traditional wicker designs are available, all of which look far better than the plastic you currently have.

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we are proud to offer Lane Venture furniture with their exclusive WeatherMaster Ultimate Outdoor Cushion. Their designs bring the comfort and visual appeal of your living space all the way into your yard.

Speaking of Comfort

That’s another great reason to invest in updated outdoor furniture: comfort. Those plastic chairs are good for a momentary rest, but provide no long term enjoyment in the comfort department. The WeatherMaster Ultimate Outdoor Cushion is made for optimal comfort in your outdoor environment. So that, no matter what your plans are or who is coming over, you can rest assured they’re going to enjoy being there!


WeatherMaster is great to look at and feels good on your bum, but it’s also manufactured to last! Flimsy plastic outdoor furniture cracks and breaks, lasting just a season or two. Quality outdoor furniture is built to last for years and years to come — probably the duration of your pool or deck as long as you care for it too.

Before you have everyone over for your grand 4th of July party, take your backyard to the next level and upgrade your outdoor furniture. Your guests will be grateful. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too!

Summer Recipes for the Big Green Egg

Summertime means grilling! There’s something special about enjoying the outdoor air while putting together a feast for family and friends. Plus, you can stay cool in the pool between burger flips, and don’t have to get all sweaty in the kitchen.

Looking for some new summer recipes to try out on your Big Green Egg? Then look no further because we’ve found some that already have our mouths’ watering. Who’s inviting us over for dinner?

Appetizers and Side Dishes

Main Course


  • Cherry Pie — Using the BGE to bake gives this traditional summer treat a better flavor.
  • Smoked Apples — This is not the way your grandma taught you to make apple pie, but it’s certainly as tasty!

Top of your summer meal with this amazing Grilled Bloody Mary drink recipe that will have you and your guests boycotting bloody mary drinks from any bar!

Basically, you can make anything on a Big Green Egg! So enjoy those summer feasts.

Swim Spas for Health and Wellness

There are very few things you can add to your life that will bring you both enjoyment and practicality like a Michael Phelps or H2X Swim Spa. Daily relaxation. Invigorating workouts. Family fun. A swim spa really does cover all the bases.

Swim spas incorporate the jetted seats of a traditional spa, so you get the health, wellness, and relaxation benefits of hydrotherapy. Depending on the model you choose, the seats may be integrated within the main swim area, or in a separate area with an independent temperature-control system.

But you don’t buy a swim spa just for the hot tub features. You buy it because you want to work-out in the water, and to swim.

Watch this video to learn more about the health benefits of swim spas, and how real people use them to help with arthritis pain, to recover from surgery or injury, and more.

Interested in weight loss? Add the app to your iPad and create a customized workout. Use the app to track your progress while you swim, row, or run your way to fitness.

Swim spas are also perfect for serious athletes who want to swim for fitness, or train for competition. In this video, professional trainers and athletes explain how they use the swim spa to prepare for triathlons year-round. The temperature-controlled water makes swimming outside comfortable all year long, and having a swim spa at home means a huge time savings since you aren’t commuting back and forth to the pool.

Swim spas are the perfect blend of fitness, relaxation, and fun. And no, you don’t have to be Michael Phelps to use one. Come see us today, and learn how a Michael Phelps or H2X Swim Spa can help improve your quality of life.

Sauna Use Year Round

A sauna sounds pretty incredible on cool days when you’d appreciate feeling warm down to your core, but we know the idea of using a sauna during the hotter months probably catches you off guard; you wouldn’t be the first. But we’re here to tell you just how incredible it can be for you – body and mind – to use a sauna all year long.

There are a number of benefits to sauna use, including detoxing your body, skin care, and better sleep. But we want to focus on the benefits of weight loss and toning your body. Recognizing that many people use the warmer months of the year to reinvigorate an exercise routine and get in better shape, we want to show you how a sauna can be a viable part of your success maintaining your health goals all year long, not just when it’s warm.

Toning Muscles

Water retention can cause a delay in attaining the muscle tone that you want because it covers up the muscles. If you’re pretty lean, fit and active but still aren’t seeing the toning results you should be after all your hard work, then it’s possible you’re retaining water. In addition to limiting your salt intake and getting in the right amount of fiber, sweating is an effective way to eliminate water retention. And what’s something you do a lot of in a sauna? Sweat. For the record, sweating also rids your body of excess sodium trapped under your skin, so it’s a win-win.

Weight Loss

Because of all that excess sweating in a sauna, you’re also burning anywhere from 300-500 calories in a 20-30 minute sauna session. You’d have to do a hardcore cardio workout at the gym in order to burn that amount of calories, when you can do it while relaxing in a sauna. Don’t mistaken this as a recommendation to quit working out, of course, but adding a sauna to your active lifestyle can help you to reach your weight loss goals faster. This is especially handy during the colder months of the year, when being active is harder.

Weight loss and muscle toning are not seasonal goals – it’s something you want all year round. A Helo sauna can help you reach your goals and maintain them.


Swimming in the Summer Time

Kind of seems like an obvious connection right? Summer = Swimming. But we’re here to encourage you to get in the habit of swimming this summer as a source of fitness and activity in your life, not just for fun.

Let’s face it, when you get in the pool with your family, you’re not doing a lot of actual exercise – you’re doing a lot more splashing and laughing. And that’s fantastic! But a water fitness routine can be a game changer in your health, and starting the habit now, when it’s easy, can mean long-term consistency.

Choose a Swim Spa

If you’re looking to create a swim-friendly environment in your backyard that will help you stay accountable to a water fitness regimen, then we recommend a swim spa over a swimming pool. Here are a few reasons why it’s a better choice:

  • Usable All Year – Swimming pools are seasonal, but H2X Swim Spas are designed to be used all year long.
  • Save Money – Because swim spas have a sealed cover system, they are easier to maintain, costing you less over time. You spend more time enjoying a swim spa than taking care of it, too.
  • Less Space – You may not have room for a pool in your backyard, which makes a swim spa ideal because it’s smaller but still contains both a pool and a hot tub!
  • It’s for Everyone – Everyone in your family can enjoy a swim spa just as much as they would a pool. Kids who are avid swimmers will love the current. And it’s even great for floating around on an inflatable pool chair.

Get to Moving

Research shows that it takes 21 days of consistency for us to neurologically create a new habit. So, if you start a consistent water fitness routine this summer, you’re certain to want to continue throughout the rest of the year, regardless of the season.

As mentioned, swim spas are usable all year long because of the insulated, sealable hard cover, which keeps the water from evaporating, reducing up to 70% of heat loss. That means, even if there is snow on the ground (however unlikely that may be in Atlanta), you can maintain your water fitness routine and then relax in the hot tub.

No more excuses! Start your water fitness routine now with a Michael Phelps Swim Spa. Get in the groove while it’s warm so you can stay consistent all year long.

Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture

Whether you have a beautiful deck surrounding your pool, or simply have a patio outside your back door, you can take the comfort experience of your backyard to a new level when you invest in quality outdoor furniture.

So how do you tell the difference and know what you’re investing in is worth it? Well, there are a few things to look for:

  • Comfort – Try before you buy and make sure the furniture is comfortable. You certainly don’t want to spend money on something that will rarely be in use.
  • Easy Maintenance – You don’t want to spend all of your time outside taking care of your outdoor furniture. Most metal (wrought iron and aluminum) and woods like cedar, teak, eucalyptus, and all-weather wicker hold up quite well in practically all types of weather conditions, so they will likely last for years. Just be sure to avoid wood furniture that is glued together.
  • Color Correct – Outdoor furniture in earth tones and wood stains will last longer because it will require less refinishing.  Get your bold colors with the cushions rather than the structure of the furniture.
  • Hard Working – Look for outdoor furniture that can serve dual roles, such as an ottoman that also provides storage, or a bench that works great on its own or when paired with a table.
  • Fabric – Solution-dyed acrylic fabric is specifically for outdoor use. It resists moisture (mildew), UV light fading the color, and staining. Spun polyester with UV-protective coating is cheaper and dries faster, but may still fade.

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we offer Lane Venture outdoor furniture with the WeatherMaster ultimate outdoor cushion because we believe it to be of unmatched quality. Not to mention, the hundreds of fabric options means you’ll be able to easily match your personal style, without compromising on quality. Come by the showroom and see what we have in stock.