Sauna Benefits The Body and Mind

Do you come home from work feeling tired, stressed, and sore? Chances are, feeling sub-par routinely kills your motivation to work out. Your lack of physical exercise before, during, and after work only compounds the stress, soreness, and fatigue you feel.

You need something that will relieve your muscle tension and stress while boosting your energy levels and motivation to exercise.

A sauna will do this and much much more.

Use your sauna solo and enjoy the relaxing solitude. Invite friends and family into the sauna and turn it into a high quality, healthy social interaction just like the Finns do! The inevitable elimination of stress will aid in maximizing the physical relief you’ll experience.

The high heat environment of the sauna increases blood flow, thus delivering more blood and oxygen throughout your body. This increased circulation promotes healing. One of the more obvious benefits of the heat is the relief of muscle and joint soreness.

Perhaps the most important benefit of regular sauna use is simply that it makes us sweat! The more we sweat, the more toxins we rid ourselves of – this also aids in improving one’s complexion. We absorb toxins daily just by interacting with the modern world we live in. Get in a sauna and detoxify your body!

Most sauna owners report that the extreme relaxation they feel after a sauna session helps them wind down for bed – and induces deeper sleep.

All of these benefits – lowering stress levels, lowering physical discomfort, detoxification, improved sleep – all lead to a higher functioning immune system and entirely improved well-being!

Maybe with regular evening sauna sessions you’ll sleep deeply enough and feel energized enough to exercise in the mornings! Maybe you’ll exercise right after work and follow up with your nightly sauna session so that you can work out the lactic acid, recover better, and wind down for bed sooner.

The sooner you sauna, the sooner you’ll have a new lease on life.

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, you’ll have the opportunity to browse prefab saunas, or discuss a custom sauna installation. We can build your sauna into the inside of your home. We can build a remote, outdoor sauna if you prefer! Do visit our sauna page and download our free sauna guide!

Snowpocalypse 2017 a game room would have been nice

With all the snow in Atlanta this past December, your family might have experienced what hundreds of other families were experiencing; kids running through the house screaming as they pretend to be sword fighting pirates; Teenagers glued to their phones, sending you the not so subtle vibe that you are far too lame to spend time with and you hiding out in the bathroom to get a few minutes of peace and quiet. You were living this, while you could have been enjoying a couple of days of family fun with a game room to keep you entertained as you weathered the storm.

Game rooms offer something for everyone during those long days when you can’t get out. Just picture the way things could have gone down. You and your spouse relaxing on the couch watching a game, as your teenager is actually enjoying a game with their younger siblings, all while a gentle snow is coming down outside. Sounds like a much more enjoyable way to spend an expected snow day.

What is your next move?

Design the perfect game room so the next snowpocalypse doesn’t catch you off guard.

At Atlanta Spa and Leisure we carry a variety of pool tables to fit every style, but we also carry ping pong tables, shuffleboard tables, Foosball tables and a variety of game room furniture to finish out your space. Whether it’s a basement room, a bonus room, or any other open space, we would love to help you build a game room that will serve your family for many years to come.

Hot Tubbin’ In The Cold

It’s been particularly cold in Atlanta this winter… Have you been warming your bones in your hot tub? We hope so!

Hot Tubbin’ during cold weather (even during light rain) is one of the most satisfying ways a person can warm up and relax. It’s also a great reason to get outside when you’ve got that winter time cabin fever. If you heed the following advice, you’ll maximize the enjoyment of your winter weather soak sessions.

Prepare for your entry and exit in advance!

Your hot tub should already be heated. Not only for the obvious reason, but because it actually takes less energy to maintain your preferred temperature than it does to heat cold water every time you want to use your hot tub. A high quality, fitted hot tub cover will help insulate your hot tub (not to mention protect your family and your hot tub) so that it will require that much less energy (and cost you that much less) to maintain that perfect water temperature.

Walk out there and take your spa cover off before you get into your bathing suit. This way you can keep your outside exposure time to a minimum!

Get everything you need to enjoy your soak set up before you change into your bathing suit. We suggest leaving your phone inside. Why risk dropping it into the hot tub? Why ruin your relaxation with the distraction of a phone?

Be sure you have a handy place to keep your towel so that you can get yourself wrapped up in it right away! It’s a good idea to lay a towel on the floor just inside the nearest door you’ll hustle to as soon as you get out of the hot tub and into that crisp air!

Be careful of slippery surfaces walking to and from your hot tub. Be very cautious entering and exiting your hot tub!

Once you’re in the water…

Relax and enjoy, but don’t over do it! Your hot tub water temperature should never exceed 104°F – no matter how cold it is outside. Healthy adults should keep the temperature around 100°F. Use discretion and common sense. If you begin to feel overheated or otherwise uncomfortable, GET OUT!

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission lists these safety tips on their website:

  • Always use a locked safety cover when the spa is not in use and keep young children away from spas or hot tubs unless there is constant adult supervision.
  • Make sure the spa has the dual drains and drain covers required by current safety standards.
  • Regularly have a professional check your spa or hot tub and make sure it is in good, safe working condition, and that drain covers are in place and not cracked or missing. Check the drain covers yourself throughout the year.
  • Know where the cut-off switch for your pump is so you can turn it off in an emergency.
  • Be aware that consuming alcohol while using a spa could lead to drowning.

When you are supervising kids in the hot tub, be sure to lower the temperature (below 98°F) and limit their hot tub time to 5 minutes.

Visit the following links to read about CPSC warnings and recommendations in greater detail:

Once you’re dried off and changed back into your warm clothes…

Go back out and secure your hot tub cover and clean up! With your warm clothes on you can take your time, comfortably. Rushing to do all of that while you’re soaking wet won’t save you time, but it will negate the relaxing experience you will have just had!

Time to get out there and employ these recommendations! If your hot tub is out of date, at its service limit, or imaginary at this point in time, come on down to Atlanta Spa and Leisure. From certified pre-owned hot tubs to brand new Michael Phelps swim spas by Master Spas, we’ve got something that will exceed your needs.

How a sauna can help the athlete in your life

If you own or have been in the market for a sauna, you’re probably familiar with many of the benefits – stress relief, soothing aches and pains, flushing toxins and more.

But you may not know that many athletes swear by sauna use, not only for the benefits it offers to their athletic performance, but for the overall health and wellness benefits, too.

Athletic Benefits

Ask any athlete and they’ll tell you – the key to success is training. But there is a downside as well. Successful training, without causing damage to the body, requires periods of rest and recovery between sessions so the body can heal. Sauna sessions immediately following training can help reduce recovery time, meaning the athlete in your life gets in more quality training.

Sauna time also offers quality contemplative time for athletes – time to reflect on what’s working in their performance and what isn’t, time to plan new strategies and, frankly, time to relax.

Sauna sessions are also a great time for team building. Regular sauna users often say they’ve had some of their most heartfelt, honest conversations in the warm, dark confines of a sauna – and it’s no different for the members of athletic teams, who need to share a close bond to achieve a successful performance on the field or court.

Coaches at the highest levels around the world encourage their athletes to make regular use of saunas year-round – not just during the season – to get the most benefit. Studies have shown that regular sauna use, much like regular exercise, has a positive cumulative effect on the body. These coaches recognize that sauna use is a tool of health, and want their athletes ready to stay ahead of the game.

Sauna Use for Aging Athletes

If there’s one thing in life we can’t change, it’s the passage of time. Even athletes who were once at the very top of their game get older. Aches and pains become more common. Muscles and joints don’t accommodate exercise like they once did. Sauna use, while not a full replacement for cardiovascular exercise, can offer similar benefits – increased heart rate, sweating, etc. – without the wear and tear on your body. Plus, it feels great!

If you’re interested in learning more about the general health benefits of a sauna, you can read about it on the Helo Saunas website. And if you’re ready to add a sauna to your home, come see us today to learn which model is the best fit for you!

Start dreaming of summer as you browse our gallery

Not a fan of cold weather. Snow just isn’t your thing.

Beat the winter blues by dreaming about summer. Long summer days give you the opportunity for more entertainment with family and friends. Just imagine adding a swim spa or hot tub to your summer days. You come home after a fun day at the lake you’re tired, maybe a little sore, but not quite ready for your summer day to end, so you head out to your swim spa to ease those sore muscles and keep the night going. Sounds like a perfect way to end your summer day.

Our gallery has plenty of pictures and testimonials to get your mind thinking about those hot summer days ahead. Seeing pictures from real customers is one of the best ways to get inspiration for your project. We carry a wide selection of hot tubs and swim spas, choosing the one that is right for you can be difficult, but seeing what others have chosen and how their spas look in their space can be extremely helpful. You can also get great ideas for decking and landscaping to finish out your summer dreams.

As soon as you are ready to turn those dreams into reality, give us a call. We are ready to make your dreams come true. We can have your backyard ready for entertainment by the time summer hits.

Your New Year’s Resolution Made Easy

Bet we can guess your New Year’s Resolution… You want to eat healthier! Doesn’t take much telepathic ability to guess the most popular resolution year after year, but when we’ve got a opportunity to be right, we take it!

By any chance, were you thinking BGE on NYE?

If you haven’t been considering a Big Green Egg as part of your healthy eating arsenal, you’re really not equipped for this battle – and it is a battle! As busy as our lives are in 2018 (still feels weird typing 2018) it’s extremely difficult to find the time to cook quality meals. The easy access, processed food found everywhere makes it all the more difficult to justify breaking from our busy schedules to truly nourish ourselves. Heck I’m starving at this very moment and the temptation to grab the crappy cereal bar and keep on trucking instead of breaking and making breakfast is difficult to resist, but let’s get back on track… (I failed this time)

The Big Green Egg is much easier to use, much more efficient, much more fun to use, and cooks much better than your average grill!

All you need to get these things started is a bit of paper. The grill surface is typically ready in under ten minutes! The ceramic walls of the BGE are heavy and thick. This insulating quality cooks foods with an amazingly small consumption of charcoal. A 20 LB bag of natural charcoal will usually provide four to six months use, even if you cook out several times per week. When you are through cooking, just close the lid and the top and bottom drafts to extinguish the fire. You can reuse about 80% of the charcoal. This feature alone will pay for your Big Green Egg® in a short time.

Clean up is easy too! The exterior has a lifetime porcelain glaze bonded to the ceramic. This permanent finish maintains its good looks and wipes clean easily. Inside, the heat will burn off any grease and splatters much like a self-cleaning oven. The porcelain coated grill is easy to clean. When your cookout is over you’ll have less than a handful of ash to remove.

So all of that pretty much eliminates the inconvenience excuse. Cook on your BGE daily as easily, if not easier than cooking in your kitchen. You could cook a week’s worth of meals once a week if you’re really pressed for time!

Whether you’re a vegan or a voracious meat eater, you can make the very healthiest and tastiest of meals on your Big Green Egg. Check out these 50 Vegan friendly BBQ recipes.

And for the rest of us…Check out these 44 Healthy grilling recipes.

Now that is a lot of recipes. That takes the other hard part out of the equation – Deciding what to have! Those lists will keep you busy for a while.

Now all you need to do is visit Atlanta Spa & Leisure and pick up your Big Green Egg!

Winter Patio Furniture Tips

Winters in Atlanta are pretty mild compared to winters up north, but they can still have an impact on your outdoor patio furniture. Many people don’t use their patio furniture at all during the winter months. Even though it is made to stand up to the sun, wind and rain; it is still a good idea to winterize it when it is not going to be used for an extended period of time. So what needs to be done to winterize your patio furniture?


Before storing your furniture for the winter you should clean all of the parts. Cushions and pillows should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are unsure of the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, warm soapy water can be used to clean the cushions, umbrella, and to wash the main parts of the patio furniture. Be sure to let everything dry completely to avoid mildew.


While cleaning your furniture, you should check for anything that may need to be repaired. Wooden furniture may need to be sanded or stained. Metal furniture should be checked for any early signs of rust that need to be addressed.


Pillows and cushions should be stored indoors, if at all possible. If storing them outdoors is the only an option, you should store them in a large plastic tub with a lid that seals. The rest of your furniture should be stacked and stored out of the elements as much as possible.

Even though Atlanta winters are mild, following these winterizing procedures whenever your furniture is not going to be used for long periods of time will prevent unnecessary wear and tear and will extend the life of your patio furniture.

MP Legend Hot Tub Series

If you are looking for a hot tub that maximizes relaxation and health benefits, look no further than the MP Legend series of hot tubs. Every detail was intentionally planned to create a series of the best hot tubs on the market. Below you will find some of their most impressive features.


MP Legends have ergonomically designed seats that are made to complement the contours of your body. Each hot tub has form fitting seats, with strategically placed jets that create the ultimate, targeted hydrotherapy.


With five unique features in therapy alone, you can see that MP legend tubs are at the top of their game.

Starting at your feet the Master Blaster foot therapy brings reflexology to your hot tub.

Move up to the Xtreme therapy jet seat where you will find 22 strategically placed jets to ease away stress and muscle pain. Each jet is a unique orbit jet, that not only looks great, but most have fully adjustable velocity, making each seat customizable.

We end with our final two therapy features at the neck. MP Legend tubs offer stress relief neck and shoulder seats with reverse molding that creates the ultimate neck and shoulder hydrotherapy. Underneath the unique neck and shoulder seat you will find the final layer of therapy, a Master Force Bio-magnetic therapy system. This unique system brings all of the benefits of magnetic therapy right into your hot tub.

Sights and Sounds

Each MP Legend hot tub comes standard with an Orion Light system, which offers illumination of controls, water features, under the water illumination and more. They also come standard with a noise reduction system that brings you a quieter, calmer, more relaxing hot tub experience. You can upgrade your spa with features like the After Glow light system, the Fusion Touch Extreme sound system, or a WiFi module. Any of these features will truly enhance your experience.

Clean and Clear

The final details were added more behind the scenes. All MP Legend hot tubs offer EcoPur Charge Filtration, which is an innovative way to more naturally purify spa water. They also have a QuietFlo water care system that keeps hot tub water in motion, filtered and heated, even when the spa is not being used. All MP Legend Series hot tubs are also energy efficient with better insulation and lower energy costs.

As you can see, no detail was left unattended with the MP Legend Series. No matter hot tub you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality tub that will maximize your health and relaxation benefits.

Saunas and Alzheimer’s Disease

It is widely known that saunas are great for removing toxins from your body and that they are good for your cardiovascular health, but recent studies are also indicating that using a sauna could also be good for your mental health.

Frequent Use

A recent medical report  from the University of Eastern Finland, studied the effects of sauna use on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The results were astonishing! Men in the study who enjoyed a sauna 4-7 times per week had a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and a 66% lower risk of Dementia. There is certainly room for more research to be done in this area, but the initial research is quite remarkable.

At-Home Options

Hitting the gym everyday in order to reap the benefits of a sauna isn’t very practical for most people. At Atlanta Spa and Leisure, we can make owning your own sauna a reality. We offer a wide variety of saunas including: infrared, traditional, combo, custom cut, steam rooms and outdoor saunas. With all of these options you are sure to find a sauna that will fit your needs.

Let us help you get all of the health benefits of a sauna right from the comfort of your own home.

An up close look at the MP Momentum Swim Spa

The MP Momentum swim spa is a full service swim spa with so many standard features, your friends and relatives are sure to be impressed with your new swim spa. Let’s take a look at just a few of its outstanding features.


At just over 19ft the MP Momentum is impressive at first sight. It offers two distinct bodies of water with a lighted acrylic divider that separates the swim spa area from the hydrothermal therapy hot tub.

Dual Temperature

Perhaps the crowning jewel is its dual temperature settings for the swimming and relaxation sides of the spa. Now you can exercise in water that is a cool 80 something. Then, jump over to water that is a soothing 104 degrees to relax your muscles after your workout.


The hydrothermal therapy hot tub offers an impressive 36 jets. It has a unique X jet pattern that provides maximum muscle relaxation. The Master Blaster foot massage jets are a unique feature with great relaxation benefits.


The MP Momentum swim spa offers the smoothest swimming anywhere. With a full power wave propulsion technology system, you will experience virtually no turbulence as you swim. It provides a deeper, wider, smoother, adjustable water current that requires no air to increase in strength.

Energy Efficient

With an EcoPur Charge filtration system, your swim spa is low maintenance and eco friendly. The MP Momentum is actually the most energy efficient swim spa available, requiring only 50 amps of electric service.

As you can see, the MP Momentum is impressive in every aspect from its size to its features. You will not be disappointed with the workout or the relaxation that you will get from it.  Come see us and experience the MP Momentum swim spa in person.